Orcus Good Cause Auction

*Auction has ended.  Thank you!*

Some of you may know that I started making knives while recovering from a bone marrow transplant for relapsed Leukemia (ALL) in 2008.  The fact that I am still alive today is due in large part to Dr. Charles Koller, my oncologist and friend at MD Anderson in Houston, TX.  Shortly after my initial diagnosis of Leukemia in 2004, Dr. Koller was also diagnosed with Cancer.  

Last July, after nine years of battling the disease, Dr. Koller passed away.

Every year Dr. Koller rode his bike with the Houston Police Bicycle Relay Team to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Here is a quote from the HPD fundraising page:

"Chuck always said that he believed that “knowledge, commitment and prayer can solve the biggest problems, but to cure Leukemia and Lymphoma we will need all of those AND a lot of money. If we don’t want to wait forever for the cure (and we don’t) we need even more effort and more money." That is why we are asking in Chuck’s memory, to give to this worthy cause."

So I am auctioning of this Orcus to help raise money for the Cause.  100% of the winning bid will be donated to Dr. Koller's Fundraising Page.  If you're unable to bid on this knife, then please consider donating whatever you can afford to Dr. Koller's Page. Every little bit helps and your donations will be tax deductible.

Due to the generosity of some very good friends, in addition to the Orcus the winning bidder will also receive a NIB Beretta Loveless-style fixed blade, a NIB Brous Blades SSF folder, and a box of HatchBlossom handmade soap from my lovely wife.  I will also offer the winner a spot in my order book.  Update:  Winner will also receive an Awesome Edges lanyard bead (choice of copper, titanium, or bronze) as well as a spot in Dmitriy Popov's/DP Custom Knives order book.

The auction will have a starting bid of $400 and will run until 6PM this Sunday (7/6).  5 minute anti-sniping rule will be in effect.  Bids can be made via comments below or emailed to me at: shawn@hatcherknives.com.  I will keep this page updated with the current high bid.  Payment must be made via Paypal within 24 hours.

Current High Bid: $800

You can click the Orcus photo to see more photos and specs.

In addition to the above Orcus, the winning bidder will also receive this:

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