Hatcher Knives Workshop

 *Note - this Shop Tour is several years old.  Updating this page is on my (very long) to-do list! 

My primary workbenches.  The knives hanging on this pegboard have been heat treated and are ready to finish.

Shipping supplies, kydex oven, large vice, bandsaw.  This pegboard is where I hang profiled blanks awaiting heat treat.

Hand sanding/Dremel station.  Vintage Craftsman vice and Panavice.  I mounted the Dremel and worklight on a hinged 2x4 so it swings around to where I need it (or out of the way).  The wooden box is for sandpaper storage.  The plastic organizer above it is where I keep rotary sander attachments.  

KMG belt grinder.  2x72 abrasive belts hanging behind the grinder.  Drill press, dust collector, and bandsaw also visible.

Another view of my primary workbench.

View from just outside the shop.  Eshi helping me keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood.

Primary bench with my most-used tools ready at hand.  Clamps on the pegboard, bench grinder with buffing wheel and Scotchbrite wheel

My Beaumont Metal Works 2-HP variable KMG 2x72 belt grinder.  Amazingly solid and reliable machine made better with the addition of Nathan the Machinist's hardened A2 flat platen and platen chiller.  You can see my vertical rest, 10" wheel, and small wheel attachment in the rack I built on the left leg of the bench.

Organizer that I keep on the grinding bench between the KMG and the drill press.  Small wheels, countersinks, counterbores, holesaws, carbide bits, and odd-sized bits are protected from grinding/drilling dust while still being close at hand.

Drill press with Kant Twist clamp and 1-2-3 blocks.

Vibratory tumbler with ceramic media.  PVC tube for tumbling larger knives.  I just pour the media into the tube and set it on top of the tumbler - works great!

Various clamps.

Top drawer of main bench I use to hold projects in various stages of progress.

Second drawer is for smaller steel stock.

Liner material and random odd cutoffs.  That's my very first and second knife on the right!!

Synthetic scale material (G10, micarta, carbon fiber) and various rod and tube stock (stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, micarta, copper, etc).

Last drawer is for wood.  Desert ironwood, cocobolo, honduran rosewood, dyed maple burl, red logwood burl, etc.

Dewalt portabandsaw mounted to SWAG table.

US-made vices - Craftsman and Panavice.

Sandpaper stored in a box I made with scrap wood and leftover laminate flooring!

Various files.

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