This is a WIP of my entry for the 2013 JerzeeDevil Build Off, which I named the Vertabok.

Concept Drawing:

Laying the pattern out on some .340" O1. Had enough room on the sheet for a khukuri.

Pattern is glued to the steel and laying out my cutting lines. I was able to fit one more small knife on the 6"x18" sheet of O1. 

The cut between the Build-Off knife and the kukri is too long for my portaband, so I'll have to use the angle grinder with a cut-off disc.

Rough cut.

I cut off what I can with the bandsaw and then start grinding with a 36-grit ceramic belt on the 10" wheel. Getting closer.

I then switch to my vertical rest and use the 1" and 10" wheels to clean up the perimeter to 65 microns. Final shape.

Holes are drilled and chamfered and she gets to hang with the rest of the current batch.

Sketching out grind ideas and deciding on how to fabricate the scales.

Scale materials rough cut to shape.

Now to get all of the individual pieces flat, parallel, and fitted to one another.

Got the hollow-grind roughed in.

Out of the quench . . .

Continued fabricating the scales today. Black G10, OD G10, red G10, and F22 carbon fiber. One scale epoxied and clamped for the night:

Got the scales flattened after drying overnight. 

Tapered the tang. From .340" to .150".

Cleaning up and blending the flats & tapered tang.

Finished the hollow grind.

Time to grind the tip. First I break the 90.

Convexed tip.

Flat ground top grind. Hollow, convex, and flat grinds on this one.

Drilling the scales.

Confirming alignment. 

Time to rough shape.

Shaped to tang.

Sneak peak.

Clean up the spine to 600 grit.

Rough shaping the handle on the grinder.

Finish shaping by hand.

Final shape. Time to remove them and force age the O1.

Cold blue applied in preparation for the forced aging.

After the first bleach cycle.

At this point of the process I knock back the corrosion with some steel wool, penetrating spray, and lots of elbow grease. Then she tumbles in ceramic media for twenty or so minutes.

I repeat the process three more times. Blue - Bleach - Steel Wool - Tumble. On the last cycle she also gets soak in muriatic acid before the steel wool/tumbling.



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