The Brenreid is a collaboration project I made with Allan Reid of ARCTC Knives.  Allan forged this piece in 5160 and sent it to me to finish out.  I normalized, thermal cycled, and hardened the knife to 59RC, then the spine was drawn back with a torch to the low 50's to increase toughness.  The tang is slighlty inletted and tapered.  Lean convex grind with secondary edge.  Allan forged in the perfect amount of distal taper.  I left the forged texture on the flats and there are remnants of the forged surface on the spine and handle to show off the handforged beginnings of this blade.  

- Steel: 5160 .250" thick at ricasso, distally tapering in both directions

- OAL: 14.1"/358mm

- Blade:  8.5"/216mm

- Weight:  15.7oz/446g

- Handle: Vintage linen micarta, red G10/copper/OD G10 spacer, OD G10 liners, copper pins

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