Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1.  How do I order a knife?

I open my order book 3-4 times per year to accept a limited number of new orders.  When I’m ready to accept orders, an announcement will be made on the Hatcher Knives Instagram feed.  A link to an order form will be provided and orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the available spots are filled, the order book will be closed.  This allows me to keep the order book and delivery times manageable.  If you would like to see the available order options, please see the Price List.
2. Do you offer international shipping?
With the exception of auction pieces, I no longer offer international shipping. 
3.  What type of steel do you use to make your knives?
Order knives will be made in AEB-L, though I have used a wide variety of steels in the past, including A2, A8 Mod, 1075, 1080, 1084, 1095, 15N20, S7, O1, 5160, CPM 3V, CPM 4V, Z-Wear, RWL34, 440C, Z-FiNit, CPM 154, CPM S35VN, N690, 14C28N, M390, Elmax, CTS-B75P, CTS-204P, CTS-XHP, Branwell McClory damascus, Shawn McIntyre damascus, Jason Morrissey damascus, Jonathan Porter damascus, Vegas Forge stainless damascus.
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